Business Software

Implementing Simplamo will help you and your leadership team get better at 3 things

Helping executives to know what employees are doing to supervise them early


Building a simple self-operating model to achieve revenue and profit targets


Going deeply into the nature of human management: Helping employees to own their work actively

Run better meetings

Let the automation of our meeting system save your time
Weekly Meeting

By combining with human psychology insights, this is an effective way to hold a meeting at workplace

Quarterly Meeting, Annual Planning

Enabling the executive team to host other important meetings (Quarterly Meeting, Annual Planning)

Measure success

Weekly and Monthly data entry allows you to track each team’s Scorecard with ease

Add and delegate Milestones to team members! Plus, 7 days before your Milestone is due, if it is not completed then it becomes a to-do


Customize your view by choosing the number of weeks or months to be visible

Optimize workflows

Organize your team’s to-do’s to see what is past due, and push them to finish on time
Issue Solving

By dealing with issues in a structured manner, you’re always ready to make them go away forever


Centralize your To-do's in one place to enhance accountability at every level

Promote transparency

What are you working on this quarter? The software integrates simple tools that share the info with every employee

Make your vision clear and visible throughout your organization

Accountability Organization Chart

Create a clear way for your people to see their roles/responsibilities, and how they are measured

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