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Simplamo AI

Siêu trợ lý, hỗ trợ nâng cao năng lực phân rã mục tiêu, giải quyết vấn đề

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Generate SMART Goals

Provide specific SMART goals tailored to your industry, and automatically breaking down these goals into milestone

Save more than 15 days in quarterly goal-setting.



Milestones More Productivity

Break down Objectives into Milestones that can boost your productivity. Explore how AI transforms the way you create and achieve Milestones efficiently.



Summarize, Act Faster

Summarize the lengthy discussion into key points, suggesting effective actions to address the just-discussed issue

Saving 60 minutes of problem-solving each week

Summarize your long and unstructured paragraphs into essential points. Focus on addressing the issues and action plan.



700+ Innovative Solutions

From complex problems, you can use AI-generated solutions to resolve a wide range of issues. Turn thoughts into action items.



Faster, more efficient

Speed up goal-setting with Simplamo AI, using technology’s flexibility to deploy plans quickly to teams, enabling smart actions, and driving rapid change

Driven by Innovation

Generate innovative organizational goals, resolve hours of complexity with AI, make a difference in goal planning and problem-solving

Uncompromising Excellence

Break free with creative suggestions from Simplamo AI, advancing and becoming smarter day by day, embracing modern intelligence

Quality Over Quantity

Salient makes building websites easier than ever before.


Ask AI

Discover AI-powered knowledge to uncover answers to all your questions.

Suggest outcomes

Discover how AI empowers businesses to generate intelligent suggestions, revolutionizing outcome predictions.

Improve content

Enhance content with the power of AI, elevating its quality and impact to new heights.

Translate Language

Translate tasks and notes into various languages instantly.

Generate Email

Boost your email productivity with AI-generated content, streamlining the process of creating emails with speed and substance.

Generate Outline

Effortlessly create comprehensive outlines for any content genre with precision and ease.
Simplamo AI from Simplamo

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