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Strategy Goals Management Connect People


Simplamo helps businesses turn Vision, Strategy on paper into “living” Goals/Indicators in the organization – focused on daily implementation until completed by the entire staff.


Base provides a total solution for business administration including Work+, Info+, HRM+ and Finance+, helping to accelerate the digital transformation process in businesses.

Simplamo vs Base

Increase people's connection with a 90-day plan

Simplicity and more in just a Frame

OKR & Goals S.M.A.R.T Goals 90 days planning, tracking & execution
KPI, Metrics & Business Data Monitor and visualize your business metrics Weekly, Quarterly, Annualy
Meeting Scientific and effective meeting frame Weekly, Quarterly, Annual
HR Performance 1:1 meetings, feedback, performance review

The Best Places to work since using Simplamo

Simplamo brings a clear, effective, transparent, cohesive way of working and motivates DangGia Trang's team to accomplish their goals through weekly meetings. Goals are always monitored and measured regularly

Dang Thi ThucCEO at Dang Gia Trang

Simplamo focus on people. Employees are empowered and motivated to achieve their goals, helping them understand the goal of contributing to the business.

Truong Nguyen Manh CuongCEO at Platerra

Simplamo is not a tool, it is a management mindset that helps to unite the team and help achieve the team's goals.

Kieu HoangCEO at Viet An Group

Build & Share Vision

You are the CEO, your dream must be shared with all teams and employees. SIMPLAMO provides you with the easiest tool to get it

  • Vision / Mission
  • 3 – years strategy
  • 90 – days focus
  • Arrange targets in order of preference

90 - day Focus Objectives

Clearly, and say “Done” in 90 days with Objectives using the methodology of OKRs/KPI

  • Smart objectives
  • Tracked milestones
  • KPI Table

Fall In Love With Meetings

Love meeting every week, every quarter, and every year by the standard framework

  • In-app timer
  • Clearly structure
  • Issues discussion & solutions
  • Take note and notify everyone

All-in-one Business Management Platform

Comprehensive business Management, employees empowerment, reaching KPI/OKRS/KPI/OGSM/BSC goals just in a simple tool

OKRs & Goals

Focus on 90 – day plans


Measure performances

Organization Chart

Clear responsibilities


Share Long-term vision


Run better meetings


1:1, Updates, Feedback


Analyze, Grow plan


Simple, Read, Apply

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

Grow Business & Empower People

True Platform for CEO

Run Business Simply and More

Empower People, Increase Connection, Grow Company with Simplamo

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Frequently asked questions

How much does my Simplamo subscription cost?

Simplamo is accessible for any team of any size. Our per-user paying model helps you save your budget: The more people are on the platform, the less money you pay!

Can I try Simplamo for free?

Of course! We offer a 30-day free trial for accessing all platform features, and Community Support.

What is a Simplamo user?

A Simplamo user is any user that can login to your Workspace and exists in User Management Setting.