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Protecting customer data security is a top priority and the foundation of our relationship with our customers.

Physical security

Built on AWS cloud services, relying on AWS top security to ensure infrastructure safety.

Basic security

Use the leading cloud security architecture with baseline detection, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, container security, service isolation, and zero-trust access mechanisms to secure Simplamo’s business operations at all times.

Network security

We design customized network equipment clusters with independent and isolated networking, multi-active device-level disaster recovery, robust gateway, and strict encryption for enhanced security.

Data security

Simplamo manages the entire data life cycle, including creation, storage, transmission, use, and destruction, with robust processes and technical guarantees. We offer Key Management Service (KMS) and Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) solutions for enhanced data security.

Application security

The security team has developed a security software development kit (SDK), identity and permission control system, and other security capabilities, combined with solid cloud security technology, to ensure the operation of Simplamo client-side and server.

Efficient, reliable security development and operation system

We prioritize security at every stage of the development lifecycle management to ensure stable, secure services for our users. Our DevOps organization is supported by a professional security operation team and standard security operation mechanisms to promptly address any security incidents and respond to it as soon as we are aware of it.

Secure Development Lifecycle Management

Our SDLC prioritizes security, assessing risks to protect user data privacy. With our labs and expert team, we address security issues efficiently in R&D.

Vulnerability operation

We prioritize secure cloud services with a strict vulnerability management process. Our teams track and resolve vulnerabilities, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Threat intelligence helps detect and mitigate risks, maintaining high default security levels.

Emergency response

Simplamo ensures user operations with an emergency response team and a standardized process for security incidents.