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Upgrade your strategy thinking and execution!

Start upgrading your business from a focus on doing what matters, science and an international standard management mindset.

“Replacing a bicycle with a motorbike will help you go faster, but if you do not know the right direction, you will reach the abyss faster”

  • Strategic Management
  • Achieve the goal
  • Do the important thing
  • Optimize performance

Total governance platform with 4 main sets of solutions

Base provides a total solution for business administration, including 4 main solutions: Work+, Info+, HRM+ and Finance+, helping to accelerate the digital transformation process in enterprises.

A small branch of Base HRM+ is Base Goal, which supports goal breakdown & reporting, suitable for tracking & evaluating employee KPIs. Base Goal offers a variety of goal building options and connectivity with other software in its ecosystem.

Modern scientific goal management software

Simplamo helps businesses turn Vision and Strategy on paper into “living” Goals/Indicators in the organization – focused on daily implementation until completed by the entire staff.

In Simplamo, there is a built-in formula for building standard goals and a sample operating framework, SIMPLE – FAST APPLICATION.

Simplamo and Base serve two different needs

Projects and Tasks are created based on previously built Goals/Metrics, to help the team focus on what’s important, optimize resources, and serve to achieve business goals. On the contrary, ignoring the construction of Goals / indicators, creating projects / Tasks randomly, businesses will forever be sluggish in daily affairs.

How is Simplamo different from Base?

Business success comes from identifying the right direction and organizing the entire team to move in that direction, persistently and vigorously. That is the core factor, helping businesses optimize all resources and limit redundancy.

Is it possible to use a combination of Base and Simplamo?


Simplamo and Base create a comprehensive set of solutions from Vision – Goals – Daily Work


  • Small and medium enterprises: need centralized, flexible management, do not have much budget for operating costs: apply Simplamo
  • Large-scale, complex enterprises: need to manage systems, synchronize, and optimize processes: apply Simplamo and Base

More than 100+ businesses from many countries

achieve the goals of growth, synchronous operation and sustainable development thanks to Simplamo







Connect & systematically execute the Strategic Vision

  • Focus on what’s important
  • Optimizing work performance
  • Eliminate redundancy and ambiguity
  • Goals support each other and serve company goals

Team cohesion, focus on the human factor

  • Periodically meet & connect
  • Augmented reality communication
  • Create Healthy Conflict & Smart Problem Solving
  • Get feedback & inherit experience continuously

HR Empowerment, Business Growth

“To succeed, build a strategy. To execute on a strategy, delegate tasks to the right people.” – Warren Buffett

  • Choose the right person to put in the right position
  • Promote core competencies and retain talents
  • Proactive and responsible at work
  • Achieve breakthrough goals in business

Do the important thing

Just today

A platform for CEOs to execute strategies, empower employees, and disrupt business. With simple features, easy to use for all members.