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Upgrade your strategy thinking and execution!

Set your vision, choose the right people, and upgrade your business with smart goal management

  • Building a Strategic Vision
  • Choose the right person to put in the right place
  • OKR management combined with KPI
  • Connecting the team to conquer the goal

OKR Vietnam software is developed by SEONGON, VNOKRS focuses on pure OKR

Modern scientific goal management software, a unique combination of OKR and KPI

Simplamo và VNOKR

VNOKRS only focuses on OKR as its name implies, does not cause distractions and fully ensures the important principles of OKR. However, not only that, enterprises need to combine many other management methods to build an effective foundation and way of working together, supplementing the missing areas of VNOKS.

Simplamo is a unique combination of OKRs & KPIs, complementing each other and helping businesses understand team performance. Simplamo’s OKRs and KPIs are built on the basis of a solid Vision, a transparent responsibility map, ensuring that all activities are always on track and by the right people in the right places.

In addition, Simplamo’s weekly meeting will ensure that the team always has timely feedback and support in their progress, without taking up as much time as traditional OKR 1-to-1 checkin meetings.

How is Simplamo different from VNOKR?

Business success comes from identifying the right direction and organizing the entire team to move in that direction, persistently and vigorously. That is the core factor, helping businesses optimize all resources and limit redundancy.

More than 100+ businesses from many countries

achieve the goals of growth, synchronous operation and sustainable development thanks to Simplamo







Setting up a Business Platform

  • Establishing a Business Vision
  • Determine the right direction at every moment
  • Clarify the organization chart and roles for each position
  • Choose the right person to put in the right place

OKR management combined with KPI

  • Set Smart OKR Goals
  • Scientific decomposition, closely linked
  • KPI table to closely monitor weekly performanc
  • Ensure that enforcement activities take place continuously and regularly

Meeting framework to closely follow the periodic goal implementation

  • Augmented reality communication
  • Create Healthy Conflict & Smart Problem Solving
  • Get feedback & inherit experience continuously
  • Only 90 minutes per week for meetings & time for important things

Do the important thing

Just today

A platform for CEOs to execute strategies, empower employees, and disrupt business. With simple features, easy to use for all members.