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Webware implements the Simple EOS model with Simplamo software

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Webware is an Estonian company that has been collaborating with various organizations over the years. They provide technological solutions (WebDesktop) for creating information systems that address and manage topics related to information and document management, including data management. Their solutions are designed to meet both current requirements and actual needs.

Webware triển khai Simplamo

1. The circumstances of Webware

In the business development journey, the Webware leadership team experimented with different American & European management software tools in the hope of boosting team productivity and achieving their goals. They also explored complex management methods such as BSC, KPI, and OKR, but these proved to be ineffective.

Mr. Kert Valbet, CEO of WEBWARE, discovered that the EOS model was the solution he had been looking for to benefit his business. EOS is straightforward and easily applicable for teams, enhancing work performance, efficient goal achievement, and empowering success. The EOS digitalization software is considered the most suitable solution for Webware’s current circumstances.

2. How EOS and Simplamo helps Webware achieve expectations

Mr. Kert Valbet found Simplamo, user-friendly software that incorporates the EOS model and combines elements of OKR and KPI to enhance goal execution and work performance.

On July 19, 2023, Webware decided to implement Simplamo to enhance business operations and improve team productivity by:

  • Clearly articulating the company’s vision and mission on two pages.
  • Establishing priority objectives (quarterly Rocks), aligning them with the annual plan and long-term vision.
  • Assign specific objectives to each individual and break down the objectives into milestones.
  • Creating a scorecard to measure core business activities weekly, with clear ownership.
  • Conducting weekly meetings following the standard EOS framework (Level 10 Meeting Agenda) within Simplamo.

Webware triển khai Simplamo

Mr. Kert Valbet said, “We were very impressed with Simplamo’s features. We have used various management software in the past, and I find Simplamo to be highly suitable for implementing EOS seamlessly throughout our entire team.”

Simplamo is not only making an impact in Vietnam but is also expanding internationally to regions such as Australia, the United States, the Philippines, and most recently, Estonia.

Simplamo’s management mindset adheres to international standards, offering modern solutions to meet the latest development trends. It simplifies the implementation of OKR, KPI and EOS for businesses.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines KPI, OKR, BSC, and EOS (EOS is a highly effective model recognized by 200,000 businesses worldwide). Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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