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Weekly Meeting

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The meeting will form systematically based on 7 sections in 90 minutes, in which team members can discuss openly, and focus on the important targets by shortening from 3 – 5 main missions for each member.

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Detailed meeting

All team members will join in an open meeting weekly, in there, we will discuss how to solve all the issues in a proven successful frame. It’s like a magical business operation theory. Let’s find out!

Clear structure

The Meetings with a standard framework help everyone stay on track and be more active.

Meeting technique

Each meeting is recorded and automatically emailed to members.


In the weekly meeting , All members will clarify the Transparent tasks. So each of them is the owner of their specific tasks. Free to decide - Free to push hidden talents


Easy to use with Weekly meeting Frame

The Meetings on Simplamo are designed with US-proven standards that make normal meetings really focus on targets and measure them into big data:

  • The meeting is divided into 7 parts in a logical order
  • The fixed time frame for each section
  • Send meeting file reports automatically via attendees’ email
  • Easily review the history and content meetings
  • Send reminder emails to each member before starting the new one so everyone has time to prepare.

Solve all Business Issues in the shortest time - Why?

The index on the process table can immediately show you where your difficulties are Let’s see how marvelous Simplamo tool can give you:

  • Help you review all problems in each part of the meeting with measured data before.
  • Create Issue lists and arrange them in order of preference depending on the business situation.
  • Have a reminder function on the Software to announce daily missions.
weekly meeting trên simplamo
report weekly meeting trên simplamo

Deepen team connection

  • With specific number data, the team observes what is happening in the organization and realizes each other’s opportunities/problems.
  • Solve problems together and celebrate success together.
  • Follow business performance, and discuss feedback from customers and internal issues.
  • Create an open culture, members of the team can understand, connect and share the same direction with the core team values.

Stick to the business goals

  • Simplamo provides a meeting schedule that closely follows the business goals throughout the year: Weekly Meeting >> Quarterly Meeting >> Annual Meeting.
  • Check top-down disintegrating business goals and collect bottom-up report information: Board of Directors Meeting >> Departmental Meeting >> Management Board Meeting.
  • Keep a close eye on the Scorecard business indexes, weekly Rocks, key goals, and make sure the team stays on track and resolves issues in time.

All-in-one Business Management Platform

Comprehensive business Management, employees empowerment, reaching KPI/OKRS/KPI/OGSM/BSC goals in just a simple tool


OKRs & Goals

Focus on 90 – day plans



Measure performances


Organization Chart

Clear responsibilities



Share Long-term vision



Run better meetings



1:1, Updates, Feedback



Analyze, Grow plan



Simple, Read, Apply

One platform for CEO

Strategy Execution

Help you and your leadership team get better by focusing on vision




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Issues Solved

True Platform for CEO

Run Business Simply and More

Empower People, Increase Connection, Grow Company with Simplamo

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