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OKRs & Goals

Easy to follow Increase work efficiency Performance evaluation

OKRs & Goals focuses employee energy on what really matters, maximizing employee productivity and time.

OKRs & Goals

Scientific and modern OKR goal management solution Proven by more than 140,000 businesses worldwide The meeting connects the team, follows the goal, solves the problem, and improves the responsibility and autonomy at work.

Keep leadership up to speed

Get the information you need to ensure your team’s Goals are progressing smoothly from quarter to quarter and gaining momentum over time.


Going deeply into the nature of human management: Helping employees to own their work actively.

Performance evaluation

Data connection with Conversation tool - provides information for quarterly and annual HR review.

Setting mindset priority target

  • Connect: Simplamo provides a framework for setting priority goals that are connected to the company’s annual goals and long-term vision.
  • Smart: Goals are built in SMART format with purposeful attachments.
  • Focus: Limit the number of priority goals for maximum effectiveness.

Easy to follow, progress assessment

  • Quarterly priority goals are broken down into smaller milestones that are easy to track and record efforts.
  • Prioritizing progress is reviewed weekly, ensuring employees keep in mind and stick to important organizational goals.

Increase work efficiency

  • Each member receives their own Rocks, knows what work to be responsible for, increases commitment and long-term commitment to the organization.
  • Focus employee time and energy on business growth goals.

Performance evaluation efficient work

  • Easily evaluate employee performance and work management.
  • Data connection with Conversation tool – provides information for quarterly and annual HR review.

All-in-one Business Management Platform

Comprehensive corporate governance, employee energy, goals, operating on a platform

OKRs & Goals

90 days plans focus


Measure performance

Organization Chart

Clear accountability


Share your vision


Run better meetings


1:1, Updates, Feedback


Analyze, Grow plan


Simple, Read, Apply

One Platform for CEO Execution Strategy

Help You and Your Leadership team get better by focus vision.




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Run Business Simply and More

Empower People, Increase Connect, Growth Company with Simplamo

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