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Simplamo Overview

The tools weren't effective but with, it totally can

Having the best people on your team is critical to maintaining your company’s competitive edge, but it’s only getting harder to attract and retain talent in today’s job market. Simplamo can help you put employees first — giving them recognition for achievements, a positive work environment, and the opportunity to grow.

Continuous feedback leads to more meaningful conversations

“Having engaged employees directly contributes to our high performing culture and, ultimately, leads to better results for our customers.”

Kieu Hoang– CEO at Viet An Group


Employees and managers use performance reviews to have more meaningful conversations about growth and career opportunities.

Reviews that employees, managers, and admins love

Simplamo makes it easy for People teams to build, launch, and track reviews that employees and managers enjoy completing. With information from 1:1s, Feedback, and Praise front and center, everyone can put their best foot forward.

Align your teams to achieve better results

  • Allow your entire organization to align their goals with your overarching company goals with our strong alignments.
  • Dashboards help everyone to understand what the company’s goal is and how they contribute to it.

Create connection

  • Conversation is one of the tools to create cohesion in an organization.
  • Two-way feedback mechanism: employees and managers self-assess themselves based on 5 leadership competencies and 5 management competencies.
  • Through that, the two sides understand each other better and improve day by day
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