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Customer Onboarding & Continued Support

Your growth is our priority. Simplamo’s onboarding services are here to support you, every step of the way. When you purchase onboarding with, we’ll build an optimized onboarding management plan together that’s designed to help you reach your most important goals, grow KPI, OKR and resolve current issues faster based on the EOS model from the US.

“We know People management skills are not easy. That’s why our Customer Experience Team is committed to making sure that you feel welcomed and successful from the moment you begin with Simplamo, so that you can focus your time and energy on the most important targets like KPI, OKR – building the best workplace and culture for your people.”

Phan Thanh Tung  —  Founder Simplamo

OKR and S.M.A.R.T Goals are Planned, tracked and executed in 90 days. Detail
KPI, Metrics & Business Data are Tracked and easy to overview your business at any moment. Detail
Meeting Science and effect with Weekly, Quarterly, Annually meeting frame. Detail
HR Performance with 1:1 meetings, feedback, performance review. Detail
Simplamo Overview

Maximize your company Power

With Simplamo platform, the CEO can run the company with a simple tool that fits your needs and help you identify the current issues, innovate L10 meetings, and measure every index like KPI/OKR and employee performances. We connect all management features in just a frame so that you get the most out of Simplamo.

Simplamo is not a tool, it is a management mindset that helps to unite the team and help achieve the team’s goals.”

Kieu Hoang —  CEO at Viet An Group

Simplamo brings a clear, effective, transparent, cohesive way of working and motivates Cai Tien Xanh’s team to accomplish our goals through weekly meetings. Goals are always monitored and measured regularly.”

Tran Thi Co  —  CEO at Cai Tien Xanh Corp

Align member target flexibly to achieve better results

  • Enable team members to align their goals suitable with a big joint vision.
  • The affiliate dashboard helps people understand what a company’s goal is and how they contribute to it.

Integrate business management in only 1 tool

  • Put an end to manual processes by focusing on reviews, meetings, OKRS, KPIs into one platform. And Simplamo is flexible in structure even when your company grows bigger.

Easy to use

  • Create vision, OKR and KPI immediately with our step -by -step designs and instructions for your organization in less than 5 minutes.
  • The weekly inspection and evaluation ensures that the progress is done regularly and the issues are determined and pulled to the surfaces and solve them.

Grab team progress in detail by Company dashboard

  • Visually monitor the process, problem and resolve issues fast with the company dashboard.
  • Check the progress of team members with Milestones section on Simplamo.
True Platform for CEO

Run Business Simply and More

Empower People, Increase Connect, Growth Company with Simplamo

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