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Smart problem-solving Effective frame

Need help keeping track of Issues? Add your Issues list in Simplamo platform to easily prioritize, discuss, and assign To-Dos from Issues. See something you need to discuss in your weekly team meeting? Add it as an Issue, and it’ll show up during the problem-solving section of your meeting agenda.

Start improving communication, collaboration, and transparency.

Smart problem-solving

Your business problems will be solved based on Simplamo’s smart framework IDS.

Improving communication

Helps people to be more open-minded in communicating.

Improving collaboration

Cooperation increases work and understanding, helps in work.

Improving transparency

Issues are resolved right in the meeting to help increase transparency and solve existing bottlenecks in the enterprise.

Prioritize your Issues

  • Click on any To-Do, Rock, or Milestone and create an Issue from it so you can talk about it in your next team meeting.
  • Helping people identify priority issues to solve and promptly remove bottlenecks that hinder the Enterprise

On the Agenda

  • Create Issues as you think of them throughout the week (or mid-meeting) and discuss them during weekly team meetings.

Resolve issues faster

  • Discuss the most urgent, time-sensitive topics first in meetings. Take notes in each Issue, and break them into action items.

Find solution and get to the point

  • Talk through the week’s Issues in your team meetings to collaborate toward real solutions and next step.
  • Decide if something is a Short-Term or Long-Term Issue.  Discuss time-sensitive topics now; revisit the rest later.
  • Found a solution? Create To-Dos for the team members who will make it happen, and add notes for helpful context.

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