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A quarterly conversation is a one-on-one dialogue between an employee and their line manager at the end of each quarter.

Both of them will have an open and direct talk and check the result in a quarter, especially both can give a mark from 1 to 10 to the other. It makes HR easily consider performance review.


Build a professional and transparent human resource assessment platform

Build a professional leadership

Conversation is built on a standard template that enhances professionalism and efficiency.

Create connection

Two - way feedback mechanism: Staff and manager can self - assess their ability based on 5/5 leadership and management model.

Solve Issues in real time

With an open communication framework, employees have the opportunity to talk about what works and doesn't work, problems they face, and expectations for the next career step.

Scientifically designed Framework

Consists of:

  • Does assessment of the human resource meet the core values of the company?
  • GWC question: Do you understand the job, Do you want to work and Have the capacity to do it?
  • Evaluate the level of completion of the ROCKS Priority Tasks of each member.
  • A two-way evaluation model deepens the understanding of team members, making it easier to cooperate and go far together.

Build a professional leadership style

  • Focus the conversation on the important things, not rambling.
  • The atmosphere is relaxed, open, and the manager spends 80% of the time listening.
  • Build professionalism and unity in human resource management.

Deepen team connection

  • Conversation is the key to create cohesion in an open organization.
  • Two-way feedback mechanism: employees and managers self-assess themselves based on 5 leadership competencies and 5 management competencies.
  • This dialogue helps both understand each other better and boost the spirit to work day by day.

Solve the root of problem

  • With an open communication framework, employees have the opportunity to talk about what works and doesn’t work, problems they face, and expectations at work.
  • Clearly identify the problem in the organization with the aim of finding a quick fix.

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