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Relaunching a platform with focus on alignment and results

Using Simplamo to get everyone focused on results and pointed in the same direction

Simplamo Overview

Manage your teams with easy-to-use Goal- setting software!

Simplamo helps businesses stay on track in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing trading industry, while still encouraging innovation. Simplamo helps companies prioritize goals, save time, engage employees & execute strategies with limited resources, thereby fostering an effective leadership and a high-performance culture.

Powering strategic people teams

“Simplamo is not a tool, it is a management mindset that helps to unite the team and help achieve the team’s goals.”

Kieu Hoang – CEO at Viet An Group


Employees use Simplamo to deliver peer feedback supporting a culture of continuous performance management driven by OKRs, KPIs.

Align your teams to achieve better results

  • Allow your entire organization to align its goals with your overarching company goals with our strong alignments.
  • Alignment dashboards help everyone to understand what the company’s goal is and how they contribute to it.

Reviews that admins and employees love

  • Put an end to manual processes by centralizing reviews, meetings, OKRs , KPIs in one place. And Simplamo is flexible enough to evolve as you grow.

Easy, convenient to use

  • Create Vision, OKRs, and KPIs instantly with our built-in step-by-step guides and Templates for your organization in less than 5 minutes.
  • Weekly check-ins and reviews ensure that progress is made regularly, and problems are identified and brought to the surface early.

Know your team’s progress with Company dashboard

  • Visually track progress, problems, and course corrections with the company dashboard.
  • See how your team is performing with milestones in real-time.
True Platform for CEO

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