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Sales focus
Business acceleration

Creating an actionable business plan and gaining key market

4. Trang Dịch Vụ
Simplamo Overview

People success is business success

Simplamo helps Trading Businesses in the right direction with business plans, effortlessly achieving top-priority objectives, saving time, attracting talent, and executing strategies even with limited resources, establishing an efficient organization.

Anh Thi
Strong team cohesion

Simplamo goes beyond being a tool; it’s a modern, simplified and focused business model – a perfect match for Viet An. It’s an outstanding tool that nurtures team unity and achieves company objectives.

Mr Nguyen Hoai Thi – Chairman Viet An Group

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Sales direction and organization

  • Breaking down weekly measurable sales goals, ensuring the team consistently tracks progress
  • Tracking organizational health and providing forecasts to ensure a continuous sales process

Focusing on goal execution

  • Identifying knots and issues between departments, and resolving them quickly every week
  • Departments work cohesively, making swift decisions to accelerate order processing speed
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Improved cost efficiency

  • Efficient meetings save time by using high-performance frameworks and removing unnecessary tasks.
  • Right people in the right seat, save costs by avoiding hiring the wrong individuals

And even more

Simplamo boosts competitiveness and substantial growth

Well-organized operating framework

  • Planning, tracking, and driving execution framework
  • Demonstrated by over 200,000 global businesses

Revenue increases by 10-30% per year

  • The team focuses on what’s essential and aligns toward a common direction
  • Implementing OKRs/KPIs simply and realistically

Retaining and attracting talent

  • Leveraging team capabilities through goal ownership and empowerment
  • Efficient team management tool, attracting Level C recruits

All-in-one Business Management Platform

Comprehensive corporate governance, employee energy, goals, operating on a platform


OKRs & Goals

90 days plans focus



Measure performance


Organization Chart

Clear accountability



Share your vision



Run better meetings



1:1, Updates, Feedback



Analyze, Grow plan



Simple, Read, Apply

True Platform for CEO

Run Business Simply and More

Empower People, Increase Connect, Growth Company with Simplamo

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