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Connect & Enhance
Business Production Activities

Creating a strong operational system, efficiently coordinating between departments

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Simplamo Overview

People success is business success

Simplamo helps Manufacturing Businesses effectively implement strategies, connecting the Sales and Production departments, addressing inventory management and supply chain challenges through key metrics that assess the situation and manage risks efficiently.

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Smart Goals and Smart Issue Solving

Using Simplamo, the Vnflour team has learned systematic business management thinking and established a unified operational framework. The weekly meetings serve as a gathering point for the team, allowing everyone to come together to solve departmental issues and receive regular feedback.

Mr. Ma Van Phuoc – Deputy Director Vnflour

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Enhance smooth coordination

  • Quickly understand departmental activities through important indicators
  • All departments understand company goals effectively and collaborate to achieve final results

Thoroughly resolve the issue

  • Weekly training to sharpen the team’s problem-identification and solving skills
  • Set up a way to follow your solutions until they’re done and stop delaying things
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thiết kế chưa có tên

Stay focused!

  • Achieving business success through strategic pursuit, goal execution, and cost optimization
  • Eliminate ad-hoc meetings, focus on essential goals, and reduce unnecessary tasks

And even more

Simplamo boosts competitiveness and substantial growth

Well-organized operating framework

  • Planning, tracking, and driving execution framework
  • Demonstrated by over 200,000 global businesses

Business forecasting

  • Gather feedback from both departments and customers
  • Predict business trends promptly using weekly dashboards

Efficiently execute goals

  • Break down goals into milestones and connect them logically
  • Combine OKR & KPI to refine the management system

100+ successful businesses with Simplamo

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All-in-one Business Management Platform

Comprehensive corporate governance, employee energy, goals, operating on a platform


OKRs & Goals

90 days plans focus



Measure performance


Organization Chart

Clear accountability



Share your vision



Run better meetings



1:1, Updates, Feedback



Analyze, Grow plan



Simple, Read, Apply

True Platform for CEO

Run Business Simply and More

Empower People, Increase Connect, Growth Company with Simplamo

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