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Bring clarity Document processes Streamline scalability

Following established processes saves time, gives clarity, and minimizes frustration, which is why Simplamo brings you the next generation of the process part of meeting management.


Simplamo’s Process works with a mindset: when processes are simplified and standardized, it brings compliance, initiative and responsibility at work to employees.

Document processes

Map out and document your company’s core processes to create a smooth-running, seamless operation that delivers impactful results time and time again.

Bring clarity

Process documentation brings the guessing game down to zero. Streamline operations and empower your team to make confident decisions with clear-cut, digestible guides.

Streamline scalability

Easily manage and edit processes to account for your growing business, and ensure consistency and efficiency across your organization—no matter where you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey.

Simple - Streamlined

  • Three simple process building steps.
  • Focus on core processes in the organization.
  • Apply the 80-20 rule.

Save time enhance performance

  • By focusing on showing important steps, Process makes it easy for employees to fully follow the steps in the process and save time.

Autonomy and responsibility

  • The sub-steps in the process identify a specific responsible person.
  • Employees know what to do, know who to coordinate with next in the process.

All-in-one Business Management Platform

Comprehensive corporate governance, employee energy, goals, operating on a platform

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Analyze, Grow plan


Simple, Read, Apply

One Platform for CEO Execution Strategy

Help You and Your Leadership team get better by focus vision.




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