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Organization Chart

Standard framework Transparency Right person - right seat

Building accountability diagrams on Simplamo provides clarity on each member’s responsibilities at positions.

Individuals can understand the structure of the organization, their duties and know the duties of other members.

Organization Chart

Not just an Organization Chart, we show roles & responsibilities appropriate to the stage of development in the organization.

Make every role matter

Easily create and modify a company's organizational structure. Drag-and-click functionality.

See only what you want to see

Expand or collapse responsibilities and reporting structure so you can focus on what’s needed.

Put people in the right places

Support the process of checking and evaluate unsuitable positions to make plans to rotate or change in accordance with the values of the organization.

Provide the standard framework from start

  • The Organization Chart is built around 3 main functions in any organization: Sales & Marketing, Operations and Finance-Administration. Thanks to this standard framework, each business will expand the chart as the organization grows.
  • Emphasizing the role of Visionary – Visionary and Integrator – Integrator in the enterprise.

Provide clarity, transparency

  • Ensure transparency when the tasks and roles of each individual are shared to the entire team.
  • Increased accountability, proactive work because Accountability clearly shows who is responsible for what at each position.
  • Eliminate doubts in the organization when each member clearly knows the duties of himself and other members.

Put the right person in the right place

  • Together with the AWA tool, the Organization Chart makes it easy for businesses to put the right people in the right positions and identify vacancies that need to be filled.
  • Support the process of checking and evaluating unsuitable positions to make plans to rotate or change in accordance with the values of the organization.

Flexibility to change according to the development of the organization

  • The accountability diagram on Simplamo is easy to modify and upgrade according to the development of the organization.

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Organization Chart

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