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Check To-Dos in a flash Keep accountable Promote to achieve goals

To-do has been created to track the process of solving urgent problems in a short time from 1 to 2 weeks.

Thanks to Todo, businesses will focus their team in the immediate things, put priorities to handle first, and then allocated specifically for each member.


Turn theoretical problems into real specific actions, watch closely and commit to doing.

Problem Solving

When Todos is created and updated according to work progress, if completing 100%, the system will immediately cancel it on the checklist and continue to focus on other Todo.

Check To-Dos in a flash

Check the urgent tasks to do in a week quickly by one touch on a smartphone or website, you click the To-do section and track any to-do progress that you want.

Promote to achieve goals

The to-do section on Simplamo is based on a scientific IDS problem-solving approach that focuses on common goals with the agreement of all members.

Todo = Problem Solving

  • Todos are created during meetings to solve problems that rise unexpectedly in the organization.
  • Todo is the most feasible option to unite the whole team’s opinions.
  • When the todos are completed 100% on track, it means the problem is solved.

Tracked and reminded continuously

  • Each to-do has a 1-2 week execution time, and will overview the result at weekly meetings on Simplamo.
  • Reminder feature: to-do reminder emails are sent automatically every day to the person responsible for the todo until the todo is completed.

Boost employee’s Accountability, avoid distractions

  • Each to-do is allocated to a team member in direct charge.
  • Each to-do is tracked not only by an individual but by an entire team on platform.
  • To-dos will be created when receiving the agreement between leader and member in charge of that mission. It increases commitment and satisfaction.

Encourage to achieve goals

  • To-do helps the team focus on the problems that need to be solved effectively, as soon as possible for achieving business goals in the short term.
  • To-do on Simplamo is based on the scientific IDS problem-solving approach and gets team agreement based on a common goal.

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