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Developing talent, achieving goals

Unlock team strengths through delegation and build an open environment

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Simplamo Overview

People success is business success

Simplamo empowers Technology Businesses to optimize their operations, shorten product delivery time with a dedicated and focused team, attract talent, leverage capabilities, and ignite strong inspiration

Anh Hào
Stay committed to growth objectives

The operational process within StarGlobal has become simpler since using Simplamo. The planning and target decomposition frameworks are very systematic and easy to follow. The team can get my passion and motivation reflected in their work. Simplamo is an excellent tool for focusing on what matters.

Mr Tran Duy Hao – Founder & CEO StarGlobal 3D

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Speed and innovation

  • Simplified planning framework, clear goals, streamlined operations, and increased speed
  • The team has space and time for essential goals, focusing on perfecting the product

Improved cost efficiency

  • Efficient meetings save time by using high-performance frameworks and removing unnecessary tasks.
  • Right people in the right seat, save costs by avoiding hiring the wrong individuals
thiết kế chưa có tên
thiết kế chưa có tên

Enhancing team capabilities

  • Periodic and systematic personnel evaluations using a standardized framework across all departments
  • Onboarding new employees efficiently, leveraging their skills and creativity while taking ownership of objectives

And even more

Simplamo boosts competitiveness and substantial growth

Efficiently execute goals

  • Break down goals into milestones and connect them logically
  • Combine OKR & KPI to refine the management system

A dynamic and positive working environment

  • Personnel empowered to lead objectives while expressing creativity in their work
  • Inspiring through a vivid Vision Mission Board

Enhancing problem-solving skills

  • Boosting the team’s weekly issue identification and resolution capabilities
  • Reducing pressure for leaders

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