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Track your Key Performance Indicators, Index, and Business Data with insightful KPI Dashboards and Reports.


Track your Key Performance Indicators, Metrics and Business Data with insightful KPI Dashboards and Reports.


Help executives know what employees are doing for supervising them early


Build a simple self-operating model to achieve revenue and profit targets


Go deeply into the nature of human management, help employees own their work actively

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Managing data is so simple. Simplamo offers everything you want to monitor and visualize your business metrics. Features very easy to use that reduces your time to grips with your business performance:

  • Dashboards for real-time monitoring
  • Weekly supervision helps you control issues
  • Track individuals, teams, and departments
  • Easy-to-use management tools to arrange your data

Observe Staff performance intuitively and easily

  • Business decisions should not be blindly made. That is why we have integrated strong reporting features in every aspect of Simplamo. Receive details that provide a panoramic picture of your process for goals.

Deepen team connection

  • With specific number data, the team observes what is happening in the organization and realizes each other’s opportunities/problems.
  • Solve problems together and celebrate success together.
  • Follow business performance, and discuss feedback from customers and internal issues.
  • Create an open culture, so members of the team can understand, connect and share the same direction with the core team values.

KPI Tracking has never been easier

  • Whether you’re strange to performance management or an experienced professional, Simplamo is made for you. With Simple and intuitive features helping anyone set up and track all kinds of performance management like KPI/OKR/OGSM…
  • Manage KPIs, users, share insights easier and focus on business goals.
  • Improve business Fast.
  • Time-saving management tools.
  • Instantly see the impact of initiatives.

All-in-one Business Management Platform

Comprehensive business Management, employees empowerment, reaching KPI/OKRS/KPI/OGSM/BSC goals just in a simple tool

OKRs & Goals

Focus on 90 – day plans


Measure performances

Organization Chart

Clear responsibilities


Share Long-term vision


Run better meetings


1:1, Updates, Feedback


Analyze, Grow plan


Simple, Read, Apply

One platform for CEO

Strategy Execution

Build a leadership team. Focus on 90-day, 1-year, and 3-year goals.




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