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Become a Simplamo Partner

Simplamo partners are those who accompany, develop and bring benefits to the business community.

Simplamo is proud to bring the best cooperation plan to its partners in all aspects.

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Strategy Execution

Build a leadership team. Focus on 90-day, 1-year, and 3-year goals




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Why NOT?

4 reasons why you should become a Partner with Simplamo

Appealing commission structure

  • Sales commissions range from 10 to 25% annually
  • Increase your income by up to $10,000/year
  • Over 10 appealing accompanying benefits

Increase customer retention rates

  • Deploying strategies for customers more easily and quickly
  • Visually track and enhance the customer’s transformation journey
  • Help clients deploy successful strategies and boost annual retention rates

 Partner Portal

  • Managing and tracking customer lists
  • Monitor sales commissions and automatic withdrawals
  • The resource includes consulting knowledge, sales processes, and software user guides


  • Featured on Partner Page, blog posts, and social media
  • Featured speaker at events organized by Simplamo

Our Partnership Opportunities


If you have a passion for Simplamo and aspire to introduce it to other businesses, earning attractive commissions, consider becoming a Simplamo Introducer Partner.

Simply introduce Simplamo to successful clients, and we will take care of the rest.


Are you a strategic consultant expert (BSC, OKRs, KPIs, and 4DX), who wants to streamline deployment processes and increase customer retention rates?

Become a Consultant Partner with Simplamo, directly implementing Simplamo for clients and earning an attractive income.

Increase your income by up to $10,000/year with Simplamo

Partner Commitments

to become a successful partner on Simplamo:

  • Become a Certified Simplamo Partner
  • Participate in regular training sessions and feature updates
  • Be the 1st level of support for the client
  • Ready to participate in regular meetings with Simplamo experts

Partner Program

Income grows with attractive perks at each level

Become a Successful Partner TODAY!

Complete your information in the Simplamo Partner Registration form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Simplamo is a modern goal management and execution software that helps leaders efficiently manage goals and cultivate a high-performing goal execution team, leading to annual revenue growth of 10-30%.

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