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Marketing Melodies operates their business using Simplamo Software

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Marketing Melodies provide background music, digital signage, and other retail technology to over 5,000 retail stores. Their mission is to leverage music and technology to assist their clients in creating distinctive retail environments and experiences that enhance consumer engagement and boost sales.

Marketing Melodies was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Malvern, Victoria, Australia. With over three decades of experience, collaborating with some of the largest brands in Australia, New Zealand, and now the US, they have a deep understanding of how technology can drive sales, improve employee retention, and ensure customer satisfaction.

1. The circumstances of Marketing Melodies

After more than 30 years of founding and developing the business, Dean Cherny (Founder & CEO) aspired to manage Marketing Melodies with software to keep pace with the company’s growth. He had a strong affinity for the tool and considered it the simple, organized way to run Marketing Melodies.

During this journey, Dean explored various software options but ultimately chose Simplamo – The tool that won him over with its modern, visually appealing interface, extensive built-in guidance, intelligent suggestions integrated into the software, and user-friendly tracking capabilities.

2. How Simplamo helps Marketing Melodies run their business

Dean decided to use Simplamo software in February 2022. After nearly two years of use, Dean and his team have become proficient in run their business, thanks to specific guidance provided by Simplamo:

  • They clearly articulated the company’s vision and mission in a concise document.
  • Established priority objectives aligning them with the annual plan and long-term vision.
  • Assigned specific objectives to each team member and broke them down into manageable milestones.
  • Created a scorecard to measure core business activities weekly, with clear ownership.
  • Conducted weekly meetings following the standard within Simplamo.

Marketing Melodies now operates in an organized, systematic manner, with a strong focus on future development. The team knows how to set and regularly achieve their goals, consistently meeting their business plans.

Simplamo has modernized Marketing Melodies’ traditional operations of over 30 years, aligning them with the 21st-century business model. This transformation has not only fostered strong growth in Australia but also led to expansion into other countries, including the United States.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines BSC, OKRs & KPI. Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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