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SaiGon Dental and Maxillofacial Hospital found the perfect piece on Simplamo Platform to upgrade OKRs

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Applying OKRs to business operations from 2020, SaiGon Dental and Maxillofacial Hospital (SG DMH) has built an OKR target management system for its team. However, having just OKR targets is not enough – the hospital’s leadership team believes that there are still many gaps in management that need to be filled, and a destiny meeting with Simplamo platform is the exact tool they are searching for – a comprehensive  business management software with US modern-thinking standar

  1. SaiGon Dental and Maxillofacial Hospital – OKRs are not enough

SaiGon Dental and Maxillofacial Hospital is the first private dental and maxillofacial hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. The business has continuously expanded and equipped itself with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment for oral health with 16 operating branches. In addition, the SaiGon DMH constantly improves its professional quality and service procedures to assert its position as a leading reputable dental center in Vietnam.

Starting with the goal of increasing work productivity and achieving business objectives, the SG DMH has applied OKRs since 2020. With the effort and determination of the leadership team, after 3 years of persistence, the SG DMH has achieved some important goals. However, this is still not enough, according to Dr. Nguyen Quang Tien – Director of SG DMH.

OKRs provide a very logical way to build and divide goals and help unleash the potential of employees, but in return, the business itself must have a good management system, including strategic vision, responsibility chart, and regular meetings. That’s why OKRs are very successful in the world, but have failed in many places in Vietnam. Understanding this, SG DMH decided to choose the Simplamo platform to fill in the missing gaps, maximize the effectiveness of OKRs and liberate leadership.

2. Challenges to complete the united management system in the hospital

Before turning to Simplamo, SaiGon DMH was facing some challenges in operations, such as:

  • Applying OKRs but not having an effective way to pursue and measure the progress of goals, leading to missed or delayed targets.
  • Not having an effective meeting framework, spending too much time on meetings, mainly to solve incidents, and repeated many times.
  • Leadership is overloaded, too much work, no longer have time for themselves and large projects.

After a period of research and being impressed by its simplicity, system and the strong impact of Simplamo on the team’s thinking, Hospital decided to apply Simplamo in early December 2022.

To overcome challenges and improve the operational system for BV RHM, the Simplamo team of experts spent time systematizing and digitizing the most important aspects of RHM into software. Below are the highlights of the project:

Starting with the responsibility chart

With the support of Simplamo, the system of 16 branches in HCM, Can Tho and My Tho, along with many other functional departments, are clearly displayed on one screen. Each position on the chart is associated with 5 roles and a main person responsible. In this way, each employee has a general overview of their system, how departments coordinate, and what each person’s role is. Transparency and clarity are the first key points for a healthy organization, the basis for delegating the right person, freeing up leadership, and unleashing the team’s capabilities.

Completing the measurement system: Scorecard – KPI

Indispensable with OKR, KPI is a suitable piece to ensure that all activities are on track, provide a basis for evaluating employee performance and identifying “risks” in the organization. Starting by providing a mindset on how to build a proper and sufficient Scorecard table for the enterprise, Simplamo experts then work with BV RHM to complete the index table on the software – the most important indices that the leadership team wants to understand weekly. The scorecard table will help the enterprise get rid of confusion, worry, and divide everything into smaller pieces, aligning with the weekly reality, identifying and timely solving problems.

Meeting – the soul of connecting the team in the OKR implementation process

Before using Simplamo, meetings were a persistent problem for a long time at BV RHM. With 16 branches scattered across many provinces and cities, it seemed impossible to gather the leadership team for a meeting to solve problems and communicate effectively.

Wasting time, losing connection, repeatedly discussing and not solving a problem affected the team’s morale…

Simplamo’s “Weekly Meeting” feature untangled the knot for BV RHM after just 4 meetings.

The problem of organizing meetings at Hospital is similar to most of the businesses that Simplamo has encountered. What businesses need right now is an effective way to organize a meeting with a framework, time limits, easy review of KPI-OKR objectives, and a clear resolution of issues to-do list, automatic reporting sent to each person, and applicable to both online and offline meetings. And all of these features are available on Simplamo.

3.  The management system runs automatically and smoothly after 2 months of using Simplamo

After 2 months of operating the business on Simplamo, here are the impressive results that RHM achieved:

  • The OKR system and KPI measurement indicators were completed and unified across the 16 branches’ system.
  • Completed the responsibility chart for the entire company and applied it to the 16 branches, meeting the system’s objectives of assigning the right person to the right job, serving delegation, freeing up leadership, and recruiting suitable personnel.
  • Reduced 80% of time spent on meetings (from 8 hours to 90 minutes per week), increased efficiency for each meeting, and solved issues conclusively.
  • 100% of goals were closely monitored and ensured to be completed on time by the team.
  • The leadership team became more proactive in their work, knew important objectives to focus on, and effectively implemented them for the subordinates.

By clarifying the roles on the responsibility chart, Dr. Tien had a basis to delegate to the team, and the leadership had more time to invest in major projects and expand branches.

With the structured operation framework that Simplamo digitalized and perfected for RHM (Vision-Strategy Board, Responsibility Chart, OKR Goals Board, Weekly KPI Board), the weekly meeting was the stepping stone for the entire system to run smoothly automatically over time.

By understanding each other and having a shared perspective on all issues, RHM’s OKR goals became clearer and had the consensus of the team, making them easier to achieve than before. This was also what RHM desired from the beginning of implementing the project with Simplamo.



Simplamo is a modern and scientifically-based management software that uniquely combines KPI and OKR, making every aspect of operation simple and approachable for every employee. It relieves pressure for leaders, allowing them to focus on important missions and optimize work performance for the business.

Experience Simplamo and feel the change in just 4 weeks! Register for a Simplamo demo at:

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