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Sao Kim minimizes capability of missed targets on the Simplamo platform 

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Sao Kim Branding is an Agency specializing in strategic planning, branding design, and communication. The company provides comprehensive solutions to help customers enhance their competitive ability through building a strong brand. Currently, Sao Kim has gained the trust of over 10,000 customers, with more than 15 years of experience in the field, and over 100 talented personnel, providing customers with the best quality services.

1. The barrier of missed targets and complexity in the operation process

As a company operating in the Agency field, Sao Kim faces many characteristic challenges in their industry, with many pressures regarding human resources, fierce competition in the market, and controlling many projects. Additionally, Sao Kim is a company that is on the path of development, and the previous HR system no longer serves the growth of the business. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan – CEO of Sao Kim has faced many obstacles in his operation process.

Some difficulties in the business operation that Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan – CEO of Sao Kim has encountered are:

  • Using popular management methods such as BSC, KPI, which bring complexity and rigidity to the function. As an environment that always demands speed and agility, using complex tools only wastes the team’s time, and human resources for unnecessary tasks, strongly affecting the team’s productivity.
  • Targets are often “forgotten” and missed by the team. When facing many projects at the same time, Sao Kim needs a strict target management method that is transparent from the company level to departments and individuals to ensure that the company’s projects proceed on schedule. Mr. Tuan also does not have an effective method to monitor the implementation of targets, and cannot provide timely solutions when the team’s implementation process is “blocked”.
  • Meetings are regularly held, but not properly organized, and people only focus on solving problems, creating pressure on the team’s work efficiency.
  • Mr. Tuan has applied methods to communicate the vision and unite the team, but the members have not fully absorbed them because they cannot be reminded or reviewed regularly.

In the future, Mr. Tuan – CEO of Sao Kim also hopes to develop a system that simplifies and optimizes the company’s management process and integrates it into the Simplamo platform. This will help the company manage tasks, targets, and human resources more effectively, thereby increasing work efficiency and productivity.

2. Simple Management Thinking – Establishing a Foundation for Seamless Goal Execution

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan – CEO of Sao Kim operates his business with core values that always aim for goals and create positive results. Understanding the importance of SIMPLICITY in business management, he turned to Simplamo and recognized it as the software he was looking for. Simplamo combines modern management thinking, solves the difficulties that Sao Kim faces in achieving goals, and above all, the extremely simple yet intelligent management approach of Simplamo, which he has not seen in previous management software.

On April 20, 2022, Sao Kim officially kicked off the enterprise operation project on Simplamo, and the first deployment session helped the Sao Kim leadership team:

  • Accountability Chart – The diamond funnel helps Sao Kim identify the necessary functions to serve business operations from 6-12 months ahead. The leadership team discussed and clarified the 5 main roles each member will play, transparently displayed on the software. In new positions, this helps the leadership team identify the need to add personnel in the future.

In the first task, Simplamo experts supported the Sao Kim leadership team in determining the necessary positions within the organization, building the most “correct” and clear structure for Sao Kim. This will also be the foundation for the team to move from transparent roles and responsibilities to clear accountability for the company’s goals.

  • Next, build a 1-year plan and a clear execution plan for each quarter – address missed targets for the business

After the Sao Kim team agreed to the Organization Chart, with the guidance of Simplamo experts, the Sao Kim leadership team sharpened the 1-year plan into specific driving indicators for execution. The annual goals were also broken down into quarters, creating specific milestones for the team to regularly check and monitor weekly.

To handle the missed target issue, Simplamo helps to demonstrate the execution plan on the software, and the goals are broken down into milestone columns for the team to constantly follow and pursue the goals to the end.

When problems arise from the “complexity” of the operation process, making it very difficult for businesses to solve, sometimes too “slippery” to recognize and grasp, more than ever, businesses need simple software that eliminates complexity. Eventually, simplicity will be the key to help businesses achieve their goals.

In the coming time, Simplamo will accompany Sao Kim to complete the operating system on the platform.


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