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Sovigaz – Innovating operational methods and achieving goals on Simplamo

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Sovigaz (Industrial Gas and Welding Electrode Joint Stock Company) has become a prominent manufacturer of industrial gases, welding electrodes, and chemicals in Vietnam, establishing a reputable brand in various industrial sectors with a noble mission of “serving the people” and a strong sense of social responsibility.

1. The circumstances of Sovigaz

Currently, Sovigaz needs to enhance its human resources to confidently achieve its business goals. Traditional operational methods are no longer suitable and have become costly. Sovigaz is facing several issues that need attention to unlock the team’s potential:

  • The team lacks a coordinated method for effectively implementing the business strategy.
  • Current meetings are disorganized, time-consuming, and often fail to resolve ongoing issues, sapping the team’s energy and hindering the achievement of goals.
  • CEO Trinh Anh Phong has explored various operational approaches that, despite their high costs, have not yielded the desired results.
  • Goal execution requires commitment and alignment from the team, maintaining a continuous focus on their objectives.

2. How Simplamo supports Sovigaz in overcoming challenges

Strengthening Sovigaz’s internal capabilities is crucial for achieving business goals and fulfilling its mission. Simplamo is the first modern management tool that helps Sovigaz focus more on its people, especially in achieving goals. CEO Trinh Anh Phong decided to start using Simplamo on June 13, 2023.

Here’s how Simplamo experts assists Sovigaz’s team in improving the human aspect within the organization:

  • Building a strong foundation for our team involves creating an Accountability Chart

This chart clearly defines the organizational structure, assigning each person five specific core responsibilities. This reduces confusion, increases employee commitment, and ensures that everyone is in the “right people, right seat,”, allowing them to perform at their best.

  • Review annual goals and establish Q3 priority objectives 

Simplamo experts guide the Sovigaz team in identifying and developing their top priorities for Q3 (Rocks). This ensures everyone understands what Sovigaz’s main focus is and motivates them to give their best to achieve these goals.

  • Organize weekly meetings to replace ineffective meetings

The weekly meeting agenda on Simplamo helps Sovigaz teams conduct well-structured and purposeful meetings, unlike traditional ones. By regularly implementing this meeting agenda, Sovigaz has achieved:

  • Enhance communication & discussion
  • Gather goal feedback
  • Record business updates from the team
  • Apply a 3-step problem-solving

3. Core Values – The Foundation of sustainable growth

On September 30, 2023, Sovigaz continued the next phase of implementing Simplamo under the guidance of Simplamo experts. This phase involved defining core values for Sovigaz after 45 years of establishment and growth.

Core values are crucial in identifying the right people for the organization and creating a cohesive, high-performance, and sustainably growing workplace. On this day, Simplamo experts guided the Sovigaz team to:

  • Clarify the importance of core values
  • Principles for building core values
  • Explore existing core values within Sovigaz
  • Define core values, integrate them into Simplamo, and communicate them to the entire team

In the upcoming period, Simplamo will continue to support Sovigaz in enhancing the business operations system on its platform, organizing quarterly and annual meetings, and operating proficiently.


Simplamo is a modern and scientifically-based management software that uniquely combines KPI and OKR, making every aspect of operation simple and approachable for every employee. It relieves pressure for leaders, allowing them to focus on important missions and optimize work performance for the business.

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