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Data security and compliance you can trust

Simplamo – Simple platform for ceos to develop, keep on track and empower employees when using popular models: OKRS/KPI/OGSM/BSC


Our Promise

Protecting our customers’ data is a top priority at Simplamo. This fundamental principle helps establish trust with our customers, and we have high industry standards in place to protect it. Our customers have control and ownership of their data.

Desgined for Simplamo


Data storage

We maintain servers located in the United States, Singapore, and Japan for the deployment of business and storage of user data specific to the region. We will continue to establish new data centers in additional regions to meet the needs of our customers better.

Regular disaster recovery drills and data recovery tests are conducted to ensure business continuity in the event of any sudden major disasters or failures.


Data access

We have strict protocols in place to ensure that access to user data is controlled and isolated. Without proper authorization, users cannot access each other’s data and any access to data must be explicitly authorized by the data owner. Our employees do not have access to any user data by default.


Data security

Simplamo has strict security and organization measures in place at every stage of data collection, transmission, and storage. We use various encryption methods and process monitoring to detect and address abnormalities as early as possible, ensuring the security of the data throughout its lifecycle.

Security compliance system overview

Security is a top priority at Simplamo. We take a holistic approach to building a defense system that combines top-quality security services and operations, and offer comprehensive security compliance features and solutions to help enterprise administrators establish trust with its members and meet global data compliance requirements.



Protecting customer data security is a top priority and the foundation of our relationship with our customers.



At Simplamo, privacy is more than just a polify, and we take steps to protect it.

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