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Relaunch a platform by focusing on alignment and results

Simplamo makes everyone focus on results and look in the same direction

Simplamo Overview

Manage your teams with easy-to-use Goal setting tools!

Simplamo helps businesses stay on track in the industry of fast and always changing, encouraging continuous innovation like Trading. On, Company can easily prioritize goals, save time, attract employees and implement strategies even having limited resources, it will make a strong organization

Make team unite

“Simplamo is not a tool, it is a management mindset that helps to unite the team and help achieve the team’s goals.”

Kieu Hoang – CEO at Viet An Group


Employees use Simplamo to provide peer-to-peer feedback that supports a culture of continuous performance management driven by OKRS, KPIs.

Align your teams to achieve better results

  • Allow your entire organization to align the company goals.
  • Help everyone understand the company’s goal and how they contribute to it on Alignment dashboards

Reviews that admins and employees love

  • Put an end to manual processes by centralizing reviews, meetings, OKRs , KPIs in one place. And Simplamo is flexible enough to evolve as you grow.

Easy to use

  • Create Vision, OKRs, and KPIs instantly with our built-in step-by-step guides and Templates for your organization in less 5 minutes.
  • Weekly check-ins and reviews ensure that progress is made regularly, and problems are identified and brought to the surface early.

Know your team’s progress with Company Dashboard

  • Visually track progress, problems, and course corrections with the company dashboard.
  • See how your team is performing with milestones in real-time.
True Platform for CEO

Run Business Simply and More

Empower People, Increase Connect, Growth Company with Simplamo

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