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Enhancing Business Performance with Simpalmo AI – Customer Feedback

In August 2023, Simplamo officially introduced the Simpalmo AI feature, a technological breakthrough in goal management. Simpalmo AI is a powerful tool designed to assist leaders in “Planning for Goals” and serves as an artificial intelligence solution to boost performance for businesses implementing OKRs/KPI/BSC.

Formed with the mission of connecting teams, Simpalmo AI helps business owners harness the maximum potential of existing resources, accelerate integration, and achieve greater efficiency in business operations. Additionally, it provides leaders with a genuine platform for modern CEOs, fostering empowerment, increasing connections, and consensus within the entire team, leading to breakthroughs in business growth.

Simpalmo AI currently boasts prominent features, including:

  1. Suggesting SMART goals suitable for each industry and business area, automatically breaking down these goals into milestones, and refining goal-setting skills for the team.
  2. Recommending detailed plans to execute goals effectively by breaking down objectives into detailed plans, clarifying issues, and specifying tasks for the team. Simpalmo AI offers a modern, convenient approach to changing how priorities are created and efficiently achieved.
  3. Offering 700+ solutions to transform complex issues into simple, easily implementable solutions. These solutions encompass summaries, translations, plan suggestions, email writing, and text improvement.
  4. Summarizing issues during analysis, condensing core issues, essentials, and obstacles hindering existing goals in lengthy and unstructured texts into key points. Moreover, Simpalmo AI suggests specific problem-solving actions, enabling teams to focus on addressing issues and implementing action plans.

Valuable Results Brought by Simpalmo AI for Businesses

Business owners and executives, with the robust support of Simpalmo AI, can easily and quickly plan for goals, improve execution progress by providing intelligent task suggestions, and guide the entire team toward the final outcome:

  1. Maximizing productivity with the power of AI, optimizing work processes, and promoting more effective results.
  2. Offering innovative suggestions for executives to make informed decisions and drive strategic business results.
  3. Transforming data into actionable information and providing quick, regular updates for executives to make accurate decisions regarding execution progress.
  4. Reducing over 15 days in quarterly goal-setting for businesses, freeing up hours of unnecessary training for the team.
  5. Breaking down goals faster, smarter, and taking control of objectives with a clearly defined, internationally standardized roadmap.
  6. Efficiently managing time by eliminating scattered team workflows, focusing on essential tasks, and automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

The success of a strategy begins with setting goals correctly and adhering to scientific execution. While having goals is essential, without proper breakdown and timely action suggestions, everything becomes futile. Many businesses overlook this factor, and the goal breakdown process remains a barrier, evidenced by the gap between set goals and actual accomplishments.

Therefore, Simplamo offers business support from the virtual assistant Simplamo AI. Executives can easily overcome barriers from the start with SMART and industry-personalized goals. Simpalmo AI also provides creative and practical suggestions, ensuring teams stay on the right track, work quickly, save time, become more efficient, and guarantee businesses can easily conquer their growth strategies and goals.

Customer Feedback on Simpalmo AI

Simpalmo AI has been deployed in businesses both domestically and internationally using the Simplamo software platform. It has received numerous positive feedback and commendations as the first virtual assistant integrated into business management software in Vietnam.

As the business market constantly evolves, the economic gears keep moving forward with the emergence of numerous technological innovations and advancements that are increasingly sophisticated, intelligent, and modern.

Therefore, if executives do not want to miss the opportunity to elevate their businesses to new heights, they should start exploring a management model that combines artificial intelligence with Simplamo AI today.

This involves breaking down goals into smaller tasks and consistently focusing on completing those tasks with the assistance of Simplamo AI, ensuring that businesses stay ahead in this dynamic and ever-changing economic landscape.


Simplamo is a modern and scientifically-based management software that uniquely combines KPI and OKR, making every aspect of operation simple and approachable for every employee. It relieves pressure for leaders, allowing them to focus on important missions and optimize work performance for the business.

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