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Simplamo belongs with ActionCoach at the ‘Strategy & Planning 2024’ Event

Strategy & Planning 2024 is a training program for business strategy and planning under the world’s top-ranked business coaching system, ActionCoach. The program is organized by ActionCoach IQS Firm, a pioneering firm leading in business coaching quality in Southeast Asia on December 23, 2024.

Simplamo takes pride in being present at the event, offering a unique solution – the Goal Management Software, aiding businesses in digitizing their 2024 business plans and ensuring effective execution.

Simplamo đồng hành cùng ActionCoach tại Sự Kiện “Strategy & Planning 2024”

Strategic direction for 2024 and planning with ActionCoach experts: At the event, the ActionCoach team supported business owners in strategic planning for 2024, providing coaching and practical business planning. This helped businesses gain a clearer vision of future development and specific action steps.

Close to 400 profit-oriented strategists and nearly 100 professionals specializing in system building and efficient operational talent were shared at the event.

Phan Thanh Tung, CEO of Simplamo, shared insights into Simplamo, a modern goal management software that transforms a business’s strategic plan into a concise two-page document. He also emphasized the software’s capability to build a detailed roadmap for achieving set goals.

In addition, he shared methods for developing specific action plans to achieve goals and ways to monitor the team’s execution weekly, ensuring businesses attain effectiveness and flexibility in implementing their business strategies.

Simplamo tại sự kiện Strategy Planning 2024

Simplamo is proud to be a partnering companion in the program, providing tools that transform business plans into specific actions. With a scientific approach, the team members can self-monitor and efficiently execute their goals.

The event left a deep impact, offering businesses opportunities to embrace new trends and strategize. Simplamo continues to be a reliable partner, providing powerful tools for businesses aiming to achieve their strategic goals.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines BSC, OKRs & KPI. Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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