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Customer story in the journey to Simplamo – GREEN INNOVATION

Started operation in 2008, currently with a team of 80 employees operating in the field of providing environmental protection solutions. Green Innovation never stops improving the organization, building a team of employees with highly skilled, pioneering in researching new environmental service technologies with sustainable standards.

As a business that focuses on the internal strength, and sees the staff as the greatest assets in the developing journey of the business. Green Innovation always directs their staff to have the same goal, while showing the spirit of enthusiasm and love for the job,  bringing best benefits to customers, and protecting the live-long green environment for society.

With the guideline ‘Great achievements are never brought by a single individual, but it is the effort of the whole team’, that is the reason why Ms. Tran Thi Co always wants to build an energetic working environment, nurture a cohesive team where members have different personalities but going in the same direction.

However, in the process of running a business, to get all the above things is not that easy and if done improperly, the problem of the team cannot be solved and lasts a long time, ultimately reducing the energy of the team. How to solve the root of problems in the organization is what Ms. Co is always concerned about. She shared that “As a leader, I do not see the daily activities, problems in each department of the company, because I do not know, the problems will not be solved but prolonged.”

Before knowing, she also used other management software but in the end can’t find ‘Synchronization’ for her business.

The special thing: The weekly meeting helps her track the problems that arise, solve them fastly and at the root. She has a more comprehensive view of activities at the organization, tasks are measured and promoted. Besides, members clearly see the goals and take their own responsibilities, thereby creating a sense of liability and cohesion in the team. Simplamo’s tools bring synchronization to help members share the same thought, simplicity in each process helps her easily use and remember.

The change process could not take place overnight, but initially she also received the good results of her entire team.

CEO – Simplamo Mr. Phan Thanh Tung shared: “With Simplamo, you can simply understand it as a medicine that goes deep into the heart of the organization, each member helps strengthen the team’s health, connect employees through weekly meetings. The goals are set by employees who share the same way of thinking with the leadership and it helps the leader to boost the employee’s energy and not create pressure on each individual.”

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