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melodies- simplamo' s customer

Marketing Melodies operates their business using Simplamo Software

By Customer Stories, Professional Services

Marketing Melodies provide background music, digital signage, and other retail technology to over 5,000 retail stores. Their mission is to leverage music and technology to assist their clients in creating distinctive retail environments and experiences that enhance consumer engagement and boost sales.

Marketing Melodies was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Malvern, Victoria, Australia. With over three decades of experience, collaborating with some of the largest brands in Australia, New Zealand, and now the US, they have a deep understanding of how technology can drive sales, improve employee retention, and ensure customer satisfaction.

1. The circumstances of Marketing Melodies

After more than 30 years of founding and developing the business, Dean Cherny (Founder & CEO) aspired to manage Marketing Melodies with software to keep pace with the company’s growth. He had a strong affinity for the tool and considered it the simple, organized way to run Marketing Melodies.

During this journey, Dean explored various software options but ultimately chose Simplamo – The tool that won him over with its modern, visually appealing interface, extensive built-in guidance, intelligent suggestions integrated into the software, and user-friendly tracking capabilities.

2. How Simplamo helps Marketing Melodies run their business

Dean decided to use Simplamo software in February 2022. After nearly two years of use, Dean and his team have become proficient in run their business, thanks to specific guidance provided by Simplamo:

  • They clearly articulated the company’s vision and mission in a concise document.
  • Established priority objectives aligning them with the annual plan and long-term vision.
  • Assigned specific objectives to each team member and broke them down into manageable milestones.
  • Created a scorecard to measure core business activities weekly, with clear ownership.
  • Conducted weekly meetings following the standard within Simplamo.

Marketing Melodies now operates in an organized, systematic manner, with a strong focus on future development. The team knows how to set and regularly achieve their goals, consistently meeting their business plans.

Simplamo has modernized Marketing Melodies’ traditional operations of over 30 years, aligning them with the 21st-century business model. This transformation has not only fostered strong growth in Australia but also led to expansion into other countries, including the United States.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines BSC, OKRs & KPI. Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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Sovigaz triển khai Simplamo

Sovigaz – Innovating operational methods and achieving goals on Simplamo

By Customer Stories, Production, Professional Services

Sovigaz (Industrial Gas and Welding Electrode Joint Stock Company) has become a prominent manufacturer of industrial gases, welding electrodes, and chemicals in Vietnam, establishing a reputable brand in various industrial sectors with a noble mission of “serving the people” and a strong sense of social responsibility.

1. The circumstances of Sovigaz

Currently, Sovigaz needs to enhance its human resources to confidently achieve its business goals. Traditional operational methods are no longer suitable and have become costly. Sovigaz is facing several issues that need attention to unlock the team’s potential:

  • The team lacks a coordinated method for effectively implementing the business strategy.
  • Current meetings are disorganized, time-consuming, and often fail to resolve ongoing issues, sapping the team’s energy and hindering the achievement of goals.
  • CEO Trinh Anh Phong has explored various operational approaches that, despite their high costs, have not yielded the desired results.
  • Goal execution requires commitment and alignment from the team, maintaining a continuous focus on their objectives.

2. How Simplamo supports Sovigaz in overcoming challenges

Strengthening Sovigaz’s internal capabilities is crucial for achieving business goals and fulfilling its mission. Simplamo is the first modern management tool that helps Sovigaz focus more on its people, especially in achieving goals. CEO Trinh Anh Phong decided to start using Simplamo on June 13, 2023.

Here’s how Simplamo experts assists Sovigaz’s team in improving the human aspect within the organization:

  • Building a strong foundation for our team involves creating an Accountability Chart

This chart clearly defines the organizational structure, assigning each person five specific core responsibilities. This reduces confusion, increases employee commitment, and ensures that everyone is in the “right people, right seat,”, allowing them to perform at their best.

  • Review annual goals and establish Q3 priority objectives 

Simplamo experts guide the Sovigaz team in identifying and developing their top priorities for Q3 (Rocks). This ensures everyone understands what Sovigaz’s main focus is and motivates them to give their best to achieve these goals.

  • Organize weekly meetings to replace ineffective meetings

The weekly meeting agenda on Simplamo helps Sovigaz teams conduct well-structured and purposeful meetings, unlike traditional ones. By regularly implementing this meeting agenda, Sovigaz has achieved:

  • Enhance communication & discussion
  • Gather goal feedback
  • Record business updates from the team
  • Apply a 3-step problem-solving

3. Core Values – The Foundation of sustainable growth

On September 30, 2023, Sovigaz continued the next phase of implementing Simplamo under the guidance of Simplamo experts. This phase involved defining core values for Sovigaz after 45 years of establishment and growth.

Core values are crucial in identifying the right people for the organization and creating a cohesive, high-performance, and sustainably growing workplace. On this day, Simplamo experts guided the Sovigaz team to:

  • Clarify the importance of core values
  • Principles for building core values
  • Explore existing core values within Sovigaz
  • Define core values, integrate them into Simplamo, and communicate them to the entire team

In the upcoming period, Simplamo will continue to support Sovigaz in enhancing the business operations system on its platform, organizing quarterly and annual meetings, and operating proficiently.


Simplamo is a modern and scientifically-based management software that uniquely combines KPI and OKR, making every aspect of operation simple and approachable for every employee. It relieves pressure for leaders, allowing them to focus on important missions and optimize work performance for the business.

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Sao Kim minimizes capability of missed targets on the Simplamo platform 

By Professional Services

Sao Kim Branding is an Agency specializing in strategic planning, branding design, and communication. The company provides comprehensive solutions to help customers enhance their competitive ability through building a strong brand. Currently, Sao Kim has gained the trust of over 10,000 customers, with more than 15 years of experience in the field, and over 100 talented personnel, providing customers with the best quality services.

1. The barrier of missed targets and complexity in the operation process

As a company operating in the Agency field, Sao Kim faces many characteristic challenges in their industry, with many pressures regarding human resources, fierce competition in the market, and controlling many projects. Additionally, Sao Kim is a company that is on the path of development, and the previous HR system no longer serves the growth of the business. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan – CEO of Sao Kim has faced many obstacles in his operation process.

Some difficulties in the business operation that Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan – CEO of Sao Kim has encountered are:

  • Using popular management methods such as BSC, KPI, which bring complexity and rigidity to the function. As an environment that always demands speed and agility, using complex tools only wastes the team’s time, and human resources for unnecessary tasks, strongly affecting the team’s productivity.
  • Targets are often “forgotten” and missed by the team. When facing many projects at the same time, Sao Kim needs a strict target management method that is transparent from the company level to departments and individuals to ensure that the company’s projects proceed on schedule. Mr. Tuan also does not have an effective method to monitor the implementation of targets, and cannot provide timely solutions when the team’s implementation process is “blocked”.
  • Meetings are regularly held, but not properly organized, and people only focus on solving problems, creating pressure on the team’s work efficiency.
  • Mr. Tuan has applied methods to communicate the vision and unite the team, but the members have not fully absorbed them because they cannot be reminded or reviewed regularly.

In the future, Mr. Tuan – CEO of Sao Kim also hopes to develop a system that simplifies and optimizes the company’s management process and integrates it into the Simplamo platform. This will help the company manage tasks, targets, and human resources more effectively, thereby increasing work efficiency and productivity.

2. Simple Management Thinking – Establishing a Foundation for Seamless Goal Execution

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan – CEO of Sao Kim operates his business with core values that always aim for goals and create positive results. Understanding the importance of SIMPLICITY in business management, he turned to Simplamo and recognized it as the software he was looking for. Simplamo combines modern management thinking, solves the difficulties that Sao Kim faces in achieving goals, and above all, the extremely simple yet intelligent management approach of Simplamo, which he has not seen in previous management software.

On April 20, 2022, Sao Kim officially kicked off the enterprise operation project on Simplamo, and the first deployment session helped the Sao Kim leadership team:

  • Accountability Chart – The diamond funnel helps Sao Kim identify the necessary functions to serve business operations from 6-12 months ahead. The leadership team discussed and clarified the 5 main roles each member will play, transparently displayed on the software. In new positions, this helps the leadership team identify the need to add personnel in the future.

In the first task, Simplamo experts supported the Sao Kim leadership team in determining the necessary positions within the organization, building the most “correct” and clear structure for Sao Kim. This will also be the foundation for the team to move from transparent roles and responsibilities to clear accountability for the company’s goals.

  • Next, build a 1-year plan and a clear execution plan for each quarter – address missed targets for the business

After the Sao Kim team agreed to the Organization Chart, with the guidance of Simplamo experts, the Sao Kim leadership team sharpened the 1-year plan into specific driving indicators for execution. The annual goals were also broken down into quarters, creating specific milestones for the team to regularly check and monitor weekly.

To handle the missed target issue, Simplamo helps to demonstrate the execution plan on the software, and the goals are broken down into milestone columns for the team to constantly follow and pursue the goals to the end.

When problems arise from the “complexity” of the operation process, making it very difficult for businesses to solve, sometimes too “slippery” to recognize and grasp, more than ever, businesses need simple software that eliminates complexity. Eventually, simplicity will be the key to help businesses achieve their goals.

In the coming time, Simplamo will accompany Sao Kim to complete the operating system on the platform.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines BSC, OKRs & KPI. Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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SD Hospital found the perfect piece on Simplamo Platform to upgrade OKRs

By Professional Services

Applying OKRs to business operations from 2020, SAI GON DENTAL MAXILLOFACIAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL CORPORATION (SD Hospital) has built an OKR target management system for its team. However, having just OKR targets is not enough – the hospital’s leadership team believes that there are still many gaps in management that need to be filled, and a destiny meeting with Simplamo platform is the exact tool they are searching for – a comprehensive business management software with US modern-thinking standard.

1. SD Hospital – OKRs are not enough

SD Hospital is the first private dental and maxillofacial hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. The business has continuously expanded and equipped itself with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment for oral health with 16 operating branches. In addition, SD Hospital constantly improves its professional quality and service procedures to assert its position as a leading reputable dental center in Vietnam.

Starting with the goal of increasing work productivity and achieving business objectives, SD Hospital has applied OKRs since 2020. With the effort and determination of the leadership team, after 3 years of persistence, SD Hospital has achieved some important goals. However, this is still not enough, according to Dr. Nguyen Quang Tien – Director of SD Hospital.

OKRs provide a very logical way to build and divide goals and help unleash the potential of employees, but in return, the business itself must have a good management system, including a strategic vision, responsibility chart, and regular meetings. That’s why OKRs are very successful in the world but have failed in many places in Vietnam. Understanding this, SD Hospital decided to choose the Simplamo platform to fill in the missing gaps, maximize the effectiveness of OKRs, and liberate leadership.

2. Challenges to complete the united management system in the hospital

Before turning to Simplamo, SD Hospital was facing some challenges in operations, such as:

  • Applying OKRs but not having an effective way to pursue and measure the progress of goals, leading to missed or delayed targets.
  • Not having an effective meeting framework, spending too much time on meetings, mainly to solve incidents, and repeating many times.
  • Leadership is overloaded, with too much work, and no longer have time for themselves and large projects.

After a period of research and being impressed by its simplicity, system, and strong impact of Simplamo on the team’s thinking, SD Hospital decided to apply Simplamo in early December 2022.

To overcome challenges and improve the operational system for SD Hospital, the Simplamo team of experts spent time systematizing and digitizing the most important aspects of SD Hospital into software. Below are the highlights of the project:

Starting with the accountability chart

With the support of Simplamo, the system of 16 branches in HCM, Can Tho, and My Tho, along with many other functional departments, is displayed on one screen. Each position on the chart is associated with 5 roles and a main person responsible. In this way, each employee has a general overview of their system, how departments coordinate, and what each person’s role is. Transparency and clarity are the first key points for a healthy organization, the basis for delegating the right person, freeing up leadership, and unleashing the team’s capabilities.

Completing the measurement system: Scorecard – KPI

Indispensable with OKRs, KPI is a suitable piece to ensure that all activities are on track, provide a basis for evaluating employee performance, and identify “risks” in the organization. Starting by providing a mindset on how to build a proper and sufficient Scorecard table for the enterprise, Simplamo experts then work with SD Hospital to complete the index table on the software – the most important indices that the leadership team wants to understand weekly. The scorecard table will help the enterprise get rid of confusion, and worry, and divide everything into smaller pieces, aligning with the weekly reality, identifying and timely solving problems.

Meeting – the soul of connecting the team in the OKRs implementation process

Before using Simplamo, meetings were a persistent problem for a long time at SD Hospital. With 16 branches scattered across many provinces and cities, it seemed impossible to gather the leadership team for a meeting to solve problems and communicate effectively.

Wasting time, losing connection, repeatedly discussing, and not solving a problem affected the team’s morale…

Simplamo’s “Weekly Meeting” feature untangled the knot for SD Hospital after just 4 meetings.

The problem of organizing meetings at SD Hospital is similar to most of the businesses that Simplamo has encountered. What businesses need right now is an effective way to organize a meeting with a framework, time limits, easy review of KPI-OKRs objectives, and a clear resolution of issues to-do lists, automatic reporting sent to each person, and applicable to both online and offline meetings. All of these features are available on Simplamo.

3.  The management system runs automatically and smoothly after 2 months of using Simplamo

After 2 months of operating the business on Simplamo, here are the impressive results that SD Hospital achieved:

  • The OKRs system and KPI measurement indicators were completed and unified across the 16 branches’ systems.
  • Completed the responsibility chart for the entire company and applied it to the 16 branches, meeting the system’s objectives of assigning the right person to the right job, serving delegation, freeing up leadership, and recruiting suitable personnel.
  • Reduced 80% of time spent on meetings (from 8 hours to 90 minutes per week), increased efficiency for each meeting, and solved issues conclusively.
  • 100% of goals were closely monitored and ensured to be completed on time by the team.
  • The leadership team became more proactive in their work, knew important objectives to focus on, and effectively implemented them for the subordinates.

By clarifying the roles on the responsibility chart, Dr. Tien had a basis to delegate to the team, and the leadership had more time to invest in major projects and expand branches.

With the structured operation framework that Simplamo digitalized and perfected for SD Hospital, the weekly meeting was the stepping stone for the entire system to run smoothly and automatically over time.

By understanding each other and having a shared perspective on all issues, SD Hospital’s OKR goals became clearer and had the consensus of the team, making them easier to achieve than before. This was also what SD Hospital desired from the beginning of implementing the project with Simplamo.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines BSC, OKRs & KPI. Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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Start-up Shark Tank Bye Béo discovers the true key to fix their chaotic administration on Simplamo

By Professional Services

“I’ve managed companies for 7-8 years, trying various models including OKRs, KPIs, and different software like Base, 1office, and Larksuite. They proved too complex, with a gap between goal setting and execution. Simplamo offers a simple, user-friendly solution, which is exactly what I needed,” said CEO Bye Béo LMS Tran An Thanh Long.

Start-up Bye Béo LMS – Conquering Shark Tank with impressive weight loss technology

Bye Béo was founded by Founder Phan Bao Long and 2 Co-founders, Doctor Nguyen Dang Tuan Dung and Doctor Truong Cong Hau. With the desire to solve the obesity problem for the entire Vietnamese people, using the completely natural Bye Béo weight loss method through correct exercise and nutrition.

Bye Béo appeared on Shark Tank season 4, succeeding with an impressive capital call with 5 nods from the sharks, who offered to invest $100,000 for a 25% stake, with each shark holding a 5% stake.

The pain in administration Bye Béo always encountered since its establishment

With the buzz from Shark Tank, Bye Béo has gained a large number of customers, especially on social media platforms, and recently the demand for offline customers has also increased, requiring the organization to expand its scale to meet demand.

Along with that are the increasingly obvious difficulties in operation and overload, overlapping internal functions, one person sitting in multiple positions, pressure on the leadership team, and no effective goal execution method.

Bye Béo has applied many different methods from OKRs, KPIs, Base software, 1 Office, Larksuite, etc., but is still unsuccessful due to being too complex and can’t unite a team with one vision and ready to act for the joint objectives.

Coincidentally, they discovered Simplamo at the Shark Tank Forum 5, and Chairman Phan Bảo Long was impressed by Simplamo’s management thinking, which is surprisingly simple, easy to understand, and focused on people. After the first meeting with Simplamo, he was immediately convinced that this was exactly what he had been looking for and decided to apply it right away.

The search for a simple operational tool, to eliminate the chaos in Bye Béo, has been solved by Simplamo.

a. In coaching session 1 with Simplamo expert, the organizational structure was restructured by an accountability chart and an annual plan for 2023

On February 13, 2023, the project kick-off for enterprise operations on Simplamo was held with guidance from Simplamo expert, Mrs Nguyen Thi Nghia.

With the challenges that Bye Béo is currently facing, Simplamo’s experts have gradually untangled the situation by providing a simple and scientific approach to management through easy-to-use software operations.

Firstly, the accountability Chart clarifies the overall picture and current structure of Bye Béo, packages it into 5 roles of each position, and clarifies the core role for that, succinctly and critically. Through this, each employee understands the essence of the organization. Right now, the CEO is sitting in many positions, overloaded, and needs to be shared, the entire staff needs to restructure to create an optimized diagram for smarter operation.

Secondly, building the 2023 goals (1-year plan), the expected key performance indicators that the team is aiming for, and how to decompose them into specific roles for each position, all focus on achieving efficiency in the 2023 picture through smooth, simple operation and promoting internal strength for long-term success.

After the first consulting session, the long-standing problems that Bye Beo couldn’t solve have been clarified almost comprehensively, and the core bottleneck causing chaos in the organization has been explored. The giant armor named “Responsibility” of the CEO has been gradually removed step by step.

b. Session 2, Simplamo and Bye Béo set Quarterly Goals and measure KPIs

On February 16, 2023, the second training session was held with expert Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nghia, where the Bye Béo team was guided on how to set goals for the first quarters of 2023 based on the annual plan (1-year plan) established in session 1.

Firstly, the team set quarterly rocks that were summarized for the whole company just under 7 core objectives. All members discussed and set specific and measurable goals for each department and team member using the S.M.A.R.T. method. Specifically, for the Marketing, Sales, Coach, and LMS Shop departments, the core objectives were concise and measurable, reducing the habit of working halfway, and everyone understood each other’s tasks. All operations were carried out on Simplamo.

Next, KPIs were set weekly on the Scorecard. The entire Bye Béo team, under the guidance of the expert, discussed and calculated specific measures for each week to align with the quarterly goals while still allowing flexibility for market changes. Examples of KPIs include quality indicators, quantity indicators, evaluation indicators, etc. All KPIs were specific and easy to understand, simplifying the execution process.

After the two training sessions, the Bye Béo team members expressed deep gratitude to the expert and Simplamo for helping them set smart and feasible quarterly goals and KPIs. They had never felt that planning could be so straightforward. Now, all they need to do is follow the plan, and everything will automatically be tracked on Simplamo.

The Simplamo platform fosters a management mindset that truly enhances company efficiency, where leaders and employees understand what they are doing, where they need to go, and how to get there. The orientation map on Simplamo is readily available, and the company no longer doubts whether they are on the right path towards achieving their goals.

When managing the company on, the capability to accomplish goals is transparent, and any inefficiency in any action cannot be concealed. Transparency and simplicity are key, eliminating difficulties as quickly as possible and focusing on what is important.

Together with the CEO, Bye Béo overcomes the pain of management and feels liberated to pursue their ambitious dreams. With the strong support of the Simplamo software, they are confident in achieving many more victories on their path and conquering their multimillion-dollar dreams.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines BSC, OKRs & KPI. Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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