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Masscom triển khai Simplamo

Masscom builds an implementation roadmap, realizing its vision with Simplamo

By Customer Stories, Technology

Founded in 2010, Masscom Vietnam is a technology-focused enterprise. Over its years of development, the company has introduced a range of products, including phones, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and wireless smart devices, to serve the Vietnamese household ecosystem.

With modern equipment and a professional team, Masscom is dedicated to providing high-quality products with the mission of “Delivering technology ecosystem solutions to customers and partners at optimal costs for a more convenient and beautiful life.”

1. The circumstances of Masscom

After more than 13 years of business development, Masscom has achieved many successes. At this moment, Mr. Nguyen Sy Phap has even higher expectations for Masscom in the journey ahead. Therefore, he is looking to innovate the operational approach, discover effective methods for developing an execution plan, realize the vision, and drive stronger business growth.

2. How Simplamo helps Masscom achieve expectations

Simplamo is the modern management tool that Masscom was searching for. Masscom made the decision to begin using Simplamo on September 23, 2023, with the support of the Simplamo expert team. Together, they went through the following content:

  • Establishing an accountability chart to clarify necessary functions within the business structure, where each function includes 5 distinct roles, optimizing available resources.
  • Defining and aligning on Q4/2023 top priorities as a team.
  • Developing a Scorecard with 5-15 key metrics for weekly business insights and forecasting.
  • Running efficient weekly meetings with a 7-step process to improve communication and discussions.
Masscom apply simplamo

Masscom apply simplamo

In the upcoming period, the Simplamo team will continue to accompany and support Masscom in building the Business Vision Board, simplifying the strategic planning process, helping the team focus on the goals, and achieving the vision for the next 3 to 5 years.

Masscom triển khai Simplamo


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