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VietAn Group builds ONE framework for multiple subsidiary companies on Simplamo

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As a leading enterprise in the environment industry for many years, Việt An Group (VAG) has continuously developed strongly, creating a reputation and a deep imprint in the market. Being in a prominent position does not mean that there are no challenges, and VAG’s problem is even more difficult than many other businesses because its ecosystem includes 12 subsidiaries and over 250 employees operating throughout Vietnam, in three regions, North, Middle, and South.

VAG – A great position goes along with more challenges in management

VAG is a leading unit in the field of environmental monitoring and analytical equipment, applying the latest technologies such as IoT, data centers, and AI into solutions. With over 12 years of operation, VAG has installed over 1,000 environmental monitoring stations, providing analysis and measurement equipment to factories to support intelligent production processes.

VAG has gone through a very rapid development stage and has maintained its position for many years. However, with pressure from expanding scale and from being a market leader, the difficulties are increasing day by day. The fortunate thing for VAG is that it has a very enthusiastic leadership team who are willing to learn and face their problems, but they tried to apply different methods and business management software, they were not effective at all for the whole team, just a separate tool, didn’t have a management mindset.

Below are the challenges that VAG faced at the time, Simplamo platform appeared like Savior as the most suitable business management software with effective tools for tracking performance KPI/OKRs and empowering the proper tasks for your employee, that fits with their capacities

Firstly, let’s take a look at the challenges VAG are facing before Simplamo appeared:

  • Complex human resources system with over 250 employees.
  • In disconnection, the departments operate separately, do not care about the common goal, and everyone just worries about their tasks.
  • The leadership team is struggling to manage the 8 subsidiary companies (as of 2020), each of which operates differently.
  • Losing control internally, and difficulty in uniting the team with a common goal, and that makes many employees leave.
  • KPI and OGSM have been applied but not successful, causing a waste of time and resources for a long time.
  • There is no efficient enterprise operations software.

Faced with a difficult problem, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Thi – Chairman of VAG said: “A comprehensive business management platform combined with OKRs and KPI from Simplamo platform is exactly what VAG needs right now”

Perfect solution for the VAG when technology approach in the right way

Starting to use Simplamo in March 2021, Simplamo faced a big question from the VAG team. They had previously applied many different software and complex management methods but still lacked effectiveness, then a software called Simplamo – Simple & More, simple and focused on the core, could solve the problems that the others could not.

Simplamo is simple but simple enough to operate a business, that simplicity is the unique icon, indeed, Simplamo is the crystallization of modern management thinking of the 21st century.

IT Team guided VAG using the newest updated version on Simplamo

To start this journey, Simplamo starts from the most fundamental things of an organization, helping to change the mindset of the team weekly and continuously over a long time.

VAG developed a business plan for 2023 on Simplamo

  • Firstly, with Simplamo’s Vision Board, VAG easily builds a strategic vision board for their business, in a clear and easy-to-understand language. Through Simplamo, this Vision Board is widely communicated throughout the organization, with each employee understanding the core values, vision, and mission of the business, thereby creating a common voice and building connectivity between departments and the entire organization.
  • Secondly, with smart goal-setting and measurement, combining KPI and OKRs, Simplamo helps VAG identify quarterly goals to focus team resources, minimize confusion, and weekly track business activities.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, Simplamo’s weekly meeting tool helps VAG solve current challenges. With a smart 7-step meeting framework, integrated problem-solving tools, and todo and auto report sending, it has helped VAG to solve a series of bottlenecks, connect the team from top to bottom, and continuously update feedback every week. Through this meeting tool, VAG’s leadership team has a clear understanding of the organization’s situation from top to bottom and saves many hours of exhaustion in traditional meetings.
  • Fourthly, to answer the question of rearranging the organizational chart for more than 250 personnel, operating in 8 departments, Simplamo’s approach is to build an accountability chart based on the basic functions of a business that can run well in the next 6 to 12 months. With flexible functions in arranging and based on pre-set scientific principles, Simplamo helps VAG easily adjust and expand the chart to meet the development needs of the business.
  • Fifthly, the employee evaluation tool (performance report) provided by Simplamo is also a highlight, with the flexibility to set specific goals, track performance regularly, and provide detailed and objective feedback to help employees improve their performance and contribute more to the business.

In conclusion, Simplamo provides a complete solution for businesses in problem-solving, with a scientific approach that helps organizations change their mindset and improve their performance in the long term.

Sharing from Ms. Hoang Thi Kieu – CEO of VAG:

“Having been involved in managing many companies before, Kieu understands that many businesses are facing similar difficulties as VAG. To solve these problems, businesses should use Simplamo software.

We hope that small and medium-sized enterprises will soon find and apply Simplamo to solve management problems, and focus on developing products and services to increase value for customers.”

Impressive 30% annual growth thanks to Simplamo

As of December 2022, VAG has been using Simplamo for nearly 2 years. In addition to effectively addressing the issues raised in the brief and building a standard operating framework for its 12 subsidiary companies, the following achievements have been made:

  • Achieved 30% annual revenue growth despite difficult economic conditions
  • Increased the scale and number of subsidiary companies from 8 to 12, and developed vigorously to seize opportunities from the market
  • Reduced meeting time by 40% and significantly increased work efficiency

These achievements are thanks to the determination and solidarity of the VAG team, as well as the enthusiastic implementation of Simplamo by the consulting team.

Sharing from Mr. Nguyen Hoa Thi – Chairman of VAG:

“The secret to successfully managing multiple subsidiary companies is that they should have the same management approach and speak the same language. I manage 12 companies according to the standard framework from Simplamo, and managing everything becomes easy because we all think the same way. In other words, Simplamo helps me liberate my leadership”

To bring success to businesses and free up leadership, Simplamo will continue to accompany VAG in its sustainable development.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines BSC, OKRs & KPI. Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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Teecom releases “Hot” growth pressure with Simplamo

By Trading

Teecom has decided to use the Simplamo platform in the last month of 2022 after facing operational difficulties due to continuous rapid growth for the past 2 years.

1. Teecom has grown rapidly thanks to maximizing opportunities in the e-commerce market.

Founded in 2018, Teecom is one of the outstanding startup companies in the e-commerce field. Grabbing the opportunity in this area, especially from Amazon, Teecom quickly developed product systems and sales channels in many countries worldwide. To reach high-quality standards and a massive volume of orders from other developed countries. The Teecom team continuously expanded and recruited employees. In just 2 years, the company has rapidly grown from a small business to a medium-sized enterprise. Currently, Teecom hired over 100 employees working on various projects.

Teecom’s CEO, Mr. Vo Tien Duy, stated,  “Sharpness and enthusiasm have driven Teecom’s success. I’m proud of our current team and Teecom’s business model. While we’ve grown from a small to a medium-sized enterprise, we’re now facing a growth ceiling where we struggle to execute our goals effectively. Teecom needs a transformative step to break through this barrier.”

2. “Can’t break the peak” is just a short-term phase

Despite the impressive achievements in the early days, as the company grew larger, complexity and confusion also appeared, forcing Teecom to take time to reconsider all activities taking place within the organization. According to Mr. Duy’s sharing, here are the difficulties that Teecom is facing:

  • Chaotic HR system, unclear roles and positions
  • Difficulty in operation, lack of effective methods
  • The team is struggling to achieve the set goals
  • The CEO has to sit in many different positions, with high work pressure and no time for his private life
  • The operating process lacks of consistency

Faced with current difficulties, the key is finding a systematic management software, but to solve Teecom’s problem, it must be a scientific and powerful software that has a strong impact on the team and helps Teecom continue to grow in the future.

Simplamo – the modern management software with a US standard mindset is the choice to solve this difficult problem.

3. Teecom – Ready to break through growth into the big enterprise with the Simplamo management platform

Through meetings, discussions, and sharing of the issues Teecom is facing, the Simplamo team of experts concluded that Teecom needs to first rebuild its organizational chart and return to focus on core priority goals in the first quarter.

Simplamo expert guides Teecom team in building data on the platform

At the kickoff meeting of Teecom company on Simplamo software, the leadership team, under the guidance of Simplamo experts, brainstormed and debated to create the Accountability Chart scientifically for the next 6 to 12 months.

  • The first deployment session, was mostly lively, where the entire team brainstormed and debated to find and agree on what is most effective for the business. But there were also quiet times to listen to experts analyze deeply about what the business is facing, the misconceptions that people have, and what is the most effective way to create real change.
  • Once completed, the accountability chart will be put to use immediately on Simplamo. Developed based on a modern management mindset plus intelligent, scientific tools, the responsibility chart will help Teecom meet three important things: Clear announcement, increased responsibility in work, and effective coordination of operations. That’s a basis for delegation and seeking suitable people, freeing up leadership.

The next tool to be implemented on Simplamo is the priority goal in Quarter 1, which will focus the team on important tasks and establish the slogan ‘One team, one voice’.”

With the scientific and abundant coordination of experts, the Teecom team knows how to set priority goals for Q1/2023.

Sharing of Mr Duy CEO  of Teecom: “The highlight of Simplamo is the management mindset, instead of just providing a platform, Simplamo has set up a thinking system, where are the objectives that need to be measured, where is the “right” way to set goals for operations. Because the team’s disease before was setting everything vaguely, even unclear. Simplamo provides the perfect formula for even an employee to know how to set goals for themselves. Above all, Mr Duy was very impressed because Simplamo’s experts also guided “how to do” thinking rather than just tracking the “results.” Teecom’s team understands deeply why to do that task, step by step forward, and can build goals for the following quarters on their own – a very different point at Simplamo.”

After just the first day with Simplamo, Mr. Duy and his team learned a lot about modern business management thinking, realizing that some of the things they had done before were incorrect. To return to simplicity, they had to work harder, but the results came faster. Despite already having a close-knit team, Mr. Duy recognized their openness, sincerity, and enthusiasm today, thanks to Simplamo’s unique approach.

The next tools that Teecom will implement are the weekly Scorecard and the weekly Meeting framework. With its step-by-step process, Simplamo sequentially builds a structured operating framework for Teecom, establishing a solid foundation for the massive human resources machine to accelerate in the race.

4. Impressive results come from an effective management platform – Simplamo

With the help of smart tools and close consultation with experts, the Simplamo team continues to work with Teecom to solve the challenges set out in the next 3 months. The Teecom team expects to increase their revenue by 30% next year with the support of Simplamo – the modern business management software that enhances strategic thinking.

Mr Duy shared his thoughts after the implementation of the business operations project on Simplamo.


Simplamo is a modern management software that combines BSC, OKRs & KPI. Simplamo is suitable for various industries, helping them focus on goals and grow revenue.

Simplamo provides strong tools for effectively executing your strategies: Vision, OKRs & Goals, Scorecard, Organization Chart, Meeting, Issues, To-dos, Conversation, Process, and Performance Report,…

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